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No Non-sense Guide To Running A Takeaway


Learn something new - Apply it to your takeaway - Increase your profit!

4 Parts - 15 Min Read

Packed full of useful tips to apply to your takeaway business

Part 1 - Mind your business
  1. Know your numbers
  2. There’s money in the bin
  3. Upselling
  4. Do I really need a business plan?
  5. Profit Margins
Part 2 - Dealing with staff
  1. Staff need to know the numbers
  2. Know your labour costs
  3. Why you need an employee handbook
  4. Dealing with personalities
  5. Recruiting and training
Part 3 - Know your customer
  1. Step in your customer’s shoes
  2. Clean toilets
  3. Opening and closing times
  4. Your menu matters
  5. Hellos and goodbyes
  6. Dealing with complaints
Part 3 - Going Digital
  1. Website
  2. Online ordering
  3. Just eat
  4. Google maps
  5. Social media
  6. Product photography

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We understand that you’re pressed for time as a takeaway owner. That’s why we’ve designed this book to be easily readable within just 15 minutes. We’ll promptly deliver part 1 to you, followed by the subsequent parts every 3 days. This spacing will enable you to adequately absorb the content and apply the acquired skills to enhance your business.

For your convenience, we’ll send you a text containing the download link for your mobile device. We sincerely hope you find enjoyment in reading our eBook series.